Product and Brand Photography

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Let me help create the content so you can focus on the rest!

Take the pressure of photographing yourself and your products out of social marketing. Let me worry about your content creation, so you can focus on the important aspects of running your business.

My packages offer options for products, lifestyle, personal branding, and flatlay images, or a combination of it all, so no matter where you're using your photos, you'll have fresh, creative images, with none of the headache!

How it works:


You fill out a detailed questionnaire so I get to know you, your brand, and your mission. Then YOU ship me a box of products and let me handle the rest.


I plan EVERYTHING. I organize and plan your shoot, hire any models that are needed (they get paid with your product at the end!), photograph the products, and edit and deliver the images to you via an online gallery.


You now have beautiful, on-brand images to use on social media, websites, shops, email lists, and more.

This leaves you with time to focus on the important aspects of your work!

What type of Branding or Product Photography are you looking for?


This is your products in real-life settings. It lets your viewers picture themselves using the products, as well as showing how it fits or how its used.

We will use a location based on your brand - whether you need an on-brand location or a simple studio with brand-specific colors, the images will fit your needs.

Styled Flatlays

Creative Flatlays are my specialty! These will be brand-specific and use items based on your brand vibe, mission, and even holiday seasons.

Your viewers will recognize your brand and images instantly!

Personal Branding & Headshots

Did you know you should be showing YOUR face at least once every nine squares if you're marketing your service on Instagram?

Great for service-based businesses to connect and create trust with their viewer. Images will include you on-the-job, and behind-the-scenes. Bring props and outfits to make it YOU!

You don't have to be local to me!

I take the pressure off of you by having you ship your product to me, and I do the rest! Our brands are all over the country, and love the stress-free monthly images they're receiving in online galleries!

If you're not local to me, I offer travel discounts to my subscription branding clients, to make sure I'm able to come to them and keep their images on-brand and aligning with the product sessions I've done for them. So if you're needing on-the-job shots or headshots IN your space, we will make it happen!

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First time working with me? Try my trial session for $350

For Brands who have never worked with me- let me show you how much stress relief I can offer!

Up to 10 products, 2 models, 30+ images
*One time offer

Product, Lifestyle, Headshots... You've Got Options!

Product-Focused Sessions

Amazon, Etsy/Shop Images, White Background (no lifestyle or models)


  • Flatlay of each product
  • Flatlays with like products
  • Product photos of each


$30/product for 20+ products

$25/product for white background only

Branding Packages

Packages that offer it ALL, with the use of our models for lifestyle images:

  • Combination of Lifestyle AND Flatlay images.
  • Lifestyle Product Images will use our models who will be paid after the session with the product you provide.
  • Get everything you need in one easy package, with zero stress, so you can get back to running your business!
  • Choose a monthly subscription so you NEVER run out of content, and let us focus on things like seasonal images, promotions, etc.

Packages listed below:

Branding Packages:

Package 1

10 products, 2-3 models, 30+ images

$500 or $400/month subscription

Package 2

20 products, 2-5 models, 65+ images

$750 or $600/Month Subscription

Package 3

45 products, up to 10 models, 180+ images


It's About How Your Brand Makes Your Audience Feel

You'll have clean, professional, and creative content that will leave you less stressed and leave your audience connecting with your brand.