Heyyyy , I'm Alex!

My clients always become friends so get used to...

sunshine and summertime, year-round mimosas, and too many disco balls, because once you're a part of this girl gang, you're stuck with me.

I'm a small town mama, living on my dream little homestead with my high school sweetheart, Greg. We homeschool our twins while chasing big dreams and seeing where the photography takes us.

I'm always planning my next trip and you better believe I'm gonna check out the best place for breakfast while I'm there. Unless they don't have mimosas. Mimosas required.

I'm a momma to twins, wife to a mountain man, chronic project over-doer, and dreamer of really big dreams.

Since I was young I told people I wanted to be an artist, but I was terrible with a pen, pencil, or paint. Just when I thought there was no hope left, somebody put a camera in my hand.

Now I get to chase your babies around mountain tops, and document their tiny details for you.

I get to capture the sweet way your husband watches you when you're busy wrangling those babies.

I get to go on really rad adventures with equally rad people.

Every single day I get to work toward showing women how incredibly beautiful they are, both inside and out. All with a camera in my hand.

Basically, are you ready to go on an adventure and become best friends??

My husband recently told me, "You were never in this for the money. You truly just love this job."

he is so very right.


2020 was the make-it-or-break-it point in my business, & then the world shut down. I couldn't use a hotel to shoot in anymore, & I was going to have to cancel my entire schedule.

Greg & I took ATP's last $2000, those two weeks of "free" time, and a lot of blood and sweat. We created everything we could with our small budget and it became magical place where women walk in nervous and shy, and walk out with newfound power.

That first year was a dirt floor, open spaces where we didn't have windows, and a faux bamboo fence for privacy. I've since been able to add a wood floor, additional windows, and a courtyard. It is one of my favorite places in the entire world, and truly the place where my business was built.

My Little Tribe

I'm happiest when I'm anywhere outdoors with these three.

You'll often see them at my sessions, heading in to the woods for a hike while I shoot. My kids help me scout locations and often say, "You should bring your naked ladies here!" when we come across a particularly beautiful spot (true story, haha).

They are my why.




Thank you so much for the pictures. They are incredible. Tears were shed. Happy tears. The set up, the lighting, the images. They turned out amazing. And getting my husband to say that taking pictures wasn't that bad of an experience, is gold in my eyes.

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